S8P3: Episode I

Episode I: The Return of Gossip Girl

Part Three of Story 8 begins now…

One evening Tabitha asked her closest friend Donna out to dinner and they met at a nice restaurant. During dinner Donna nearly choked when Tabitha asked her to tell her of all the latest gossip that she knew of.

Donna seemed to be a little uneasy and Tabitha asked her friend why. Donna proceeded to explain to Tabitha: “It troubles me to say this, darling, but I am afraid that all of the gossip that I know of has to do with you and yours!”

Donna then went on to explain: “You and yours are, after all, by far the wealthiest family in town. Why y’all have a total worth of over one million simoleans. I should know because I do your taxes. Y’all live in that big old plantation home by the gulf.”

“Y’all own the Bewitched Resort Hotel & Casino…”

“…and the amusement park up in the hills above town.”

“But it is not your money and wealth that folks in town talk about… it is all the other stuff that has got them talking.”
To this Tabitha replied: “Other stuff? What on earth on you talking about?”

“Well, for starters, you had an affair with my brother Chadrick and you broke up his engagement to that poor Dorothy Clemens…”

“…then it’s rumored that Mr. Dutranoit has been carrying on an affair with that actress Amanda Anderson for a number of years…”

“…there are those un-answered questions surrounding the disappearances of Ernest Gilliland and your sister, Raquel…”

“…Rumor has it that your house is haunted by ghosts…”

“…folks say that you took money from the mob to buy the resort…”

“…and everybody has been asking for years: Who is that strange girl living in your house?”

Tabitha never felt more humiliated in her entire life. “Okay, okay, I get it! You can stop now,” she told her friend.


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