S8P3: Episode II

Episode II: How Does Time Fly?

The year was now 1995 and the current population of Twin Bayous was 168 residents in 50 households. Five years had passed since the last episode in part two.

The kids were now all in their teen years. Michelle was the eldest and Luisa was one year younger. Katherine and Mihail were the youngest of the group and they were the same age. Michelle’s traits are Neurotic, Virtuoso, Neat, & Ambitious. Luisa is Clumsy, Perceptive, Hates the Outdoors, & is a Dog Person. Mihail is Neurotic, Perceptive, Good, & an Angler. Katherine is a Workaholic, Can’t Stand Art, Genius, & an Angler.

Mihail and Katherine were the very best of friends. It was impossible for them to believe that they were brother and sister.

Mihail was quite smitten by Katherine…

…and Katherine felt as if she knew Mihai from another lifetime.

Their favorite thing to do together was to go out fishing at the beach early in the morning before school.


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