S8P3: Episode III

Episode III: Change Happens

A few years ago the old Chinese Take-out joint that stood between the Little Corsican Bistro and the Vault of Antiquity was torn down. In its place an apartment building was erected with a coffee house on the lower level. The coffee house, named the “Moulin Rouge” was owned and operated by the Oldham sisters, Lisa and Brenda.

One day Ronnie thought she would stop in the Moulin Rouge and try one of their big cookies. Brenda Oldham waited on her from behind the counter. Brenda had the insane trait and sometimes she would say the most outrageous things. As Ronnie chatted briefly with her, the woman blurted out: “How’s that crazy husband of yours?” Given all that had happened in the past few years, Ronnie found the question to be highly offensive.

When Ronnie got back home that evening she confronted Mike about his behavior and his constant trait changes. Mike swore to his wife that he had it all under control, but Ronnie insisted that his infrequent trips to the hospital to be admitted for instability were not working for him.

Ronnie decided that she would take action and she went to the alchemy books to find a recipe for Potent Personality Adjuster.

She found the recipe that she wanted and she hurriedly made up a batch of the potion.

Finding Mike upstairs in the master bath she used the potion on her husband whether he wanted it or not.

Mike did not know what had hit him and it caused a brief episode that he corrected by taking deep breathes into a paper bag.

A little while later Mike underwent a new sort of transformation. This time it was not one of his usual trait transformations. He instead turned into a werewolf! It seems that in her rush to make up a batch of “Potent Personality Adjuster“, Ronnie had accidentally made “Bottled Curse of the Lycan“.


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