S8P3: Episode IV

Episode IV: The New, New Normal

Despite the fact that he had recently been turned into a werewolf, Mike had a sense that a new normal had descended on the household.

Michelle was following in her mother’s footstep and was quickly becoming quite a virtuoso on the piano.

Mihail following in the footsteps of his maternal grandmother and aunt was showing signs of exceling at spell casting.

Following the family feud over the household fund and the subsequent success of the resort, Tabitha bought for Mike a really nice houseboat as a peace offering.

For herself and for her nephew Mihai, she had a broom arena installed on the roof of the plantation house.

Yet things never seemed to stay normal for Mike Dutranoit. One day as he was coming out of the Market Basket grocery store he happened to witness a very strange occurrence on the sidewalk outside.

Running over he joined a group of people who had just witnessed a strange woman appearing out of thin air.

In only a few seconds after she appeared, the woman suddenly disappeared.

On his way home Mike stopped at the Moulin Rouge to buy some herbal tea to calm his nerves. Knowing that Lisa Oldham would appreciate his story, he told her that he had just seen Raquel Lefey suddenly appear out of thin air. To which Lisa nonchalantly replied: “Oh yeah, she appears to me all the time.


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