S8P3: Episode V

Episode V: A Forbidden Love – Pt. 1

Mihai and Katherine had become very close. They swore to each other that they would be best friends forever.

Often the two of them would sneak off to the family houseboat docked on the bay nearby. They had set up house there and would many times have their evening meal on the boat.

This particular year the Leisure Day holiday fell on a Friday and looking at a long weekend, the pair made a secret plan that they would take the boat out on a little cruise to Liberty Cay, a small sandy island a few miles off the coast.

Mihai piloted the boat while Katherine sat and read aloud from a book of poetry.

Around midnight they arrived at Liberty Cay.

They fished for a while…

…then they swam over to the cay…

…where they played for while in the sand…

…before they got out their sleeping bags and went to sleep on the cay.


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