S8P3: Episode VII

Episode VII: A Forbidden Love – Pt. 3

The next day was Saturday. Mihai and Katherine continued their adventure out on the gulf.

First they went out windsurfing…

Katherine caught a good strong wind that carried her out across the bay.

Then they took the dinghy out…

…and Katherine had the time of her life waterskiing.

Next they decided to try something a bit risky…

…they went scuba diving. Neither of them had much experience, but they seemed to take to diving like a fish takes to water.

Mihai saw a treasure chest. He decided to go and check it out.

It seems that both of them had forgotten about the buddy system and Katherine went off to investigate some strange movement that she saw coming from a cavern at the sea floor.

When she got there whatever it was she saw retreated inside the cavern.

She was curious so Katherine decided to have a closer look at the inside of the cavern.

Mihai had lost sight of Katherine and at first he was only casually looking about for her. But as the minutes went by and there was no sign of Katherine, Mihai began to panic. Soon he was starting to run out of air.

Surfacing, Mihai looked out toward Western Beach where he saw a lone figure on the beach waving at him. He could not make out who it was, but frantically hoping that it was Katherine he swam to shore not even thinking of using the dinghy that floated nearby.

It was a tragic scene that awaited Mihai as he came ashore. There in the sand Katherine lay motionless.

Frantic efforts to revive the girl were unsuccessful and poor Katherine expired there on the beach. She had drowned.

Much later that night, Mihai returned home. Totally exhausted he laid down in a sleeping bag in the foyer hoping against hope that Katherine would soon walk through the door.


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