S8P3: Episode VIII

Episode VIII: A Lie Has No Future

As it was Sim custom, Katherine’s funeral was held the very next morning. Everyone was in total shock over what had happened to the poor girl.

Later that afternoon Mike found Mihai sitting in the library reading from Katherine’s favorite book of poetry.

Mike expressed his condolences to Mihai and then he said: “I feel that the time has come for me to tell you the things that I have kept hidden all these many years.

Mike proceeded to make a lengthy confession, in the first part of which he revealed the truth regarding Katherine (see Part One Episode XXXIX and Part Two Episode II).

Mihai was distraught just hearing the very mention of Katherine’s name. “How could you keep this from us? We knew in our hearts that we were not related!

Continuing to spill all the secrets that he had been keeping for more than a decade, Mike revealed to his son the truth regarding Mihai’s parentage (see Part One Episode XXXIII).

Mike’s confession became even more convoluted as he attempted to explain what happened to Mihai’s mother. He told his son how he had found the dusty old lamp in a graveyard in 1923 and that immediately upon finding the long sought object he entered the time portal and exited the past without saying goodbye. “I sensed that there was another presence traveling with me in the time stream, but I assumed that the other presence was the genie who was trapped in the dusty old lamp.

Now based on rumors over the years and what have I recently seen with my own eyes, I believe that it was your mother Raquel who was traveling with me on my journey from the past to the present.

What I believe now is that when the Raquel of the 1920s arrived in the present she caused the Raquel of the 1980s to no longer exist. She may have stayed for only a short while and after deciding that she did not like the “future”, she attempted to return to the past hoping to arrive at the time before her lover Michael Dutranoit died in a car accident. Though I fear that she failed and continues to fail to get to her destination. My sense is that she has been bouncing back and forth between the past and the present all these many years.”

I can’t believe that you kept these secrets from me!” Mihai cried with a tone of disgust in his voice.

“I can believe it, Mihai!” his aunt Tabitha exclaimed as she entered the room, “Your father is nothing but a despicable liar!”


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