S8P3: Episode IX

Episode IX: Playing with Fire

Shonna had left behind some future-tech stuff down in the basement under the barn. Luisa had learned a little bit about this equipment from Shonna before the woman disappeared and Luisa found all of this stuff to be very fascinating.

Yet up until now Luisa had not touched Shonna’s future tech stuff. Then one evening she noticed that the Plumbot Piece Parts was showing signs of a pending malfunction.

Luisa offered to give the Plumbot a tune-up. The Plumbot thanked the girl, but he remarked that he considered himself beyond repair. To which Luisa replied was nonsense…

…and she brought Piece Parts down into the basement where Shonna’s equipment stood.

Having Piece Parts enter the “Reventlov’s Bot Workship”, Luis then proceeded to give the Plumbot more than a tune-up…

…she gave him a complete makeover.

As this was going on down in the basement, Michelle was in the main house practicing her piano when she suddenly heard a strange noise outside. Michelle ran out to the front of the house and looking up into the sky she saw a strange craft hovering several feet above her head.

Suddenly a powerful beam of energy descended from the craft and it pulled Michelle up and into the hovering craft.

Luisa and Piece Parts heard the commotion outside and they both ran upstairs and out into the yard. Piece Parts stood looking up from the very spot where Michelle had been standing just moments before.

A second powerful beam of energy now descended on Piece Parts and the Plumbot was also pulled up inside the strange craft.

A number of hours later Michelle was returned back to earth. She and one the aliens from the craft materialized on the sidewalk outside the house.

Before the alien being returned to her craft, she handed Michelle a slip of paper saying that it was a receipt for the Plumbot Piece Parts. Then the alien apologized to Michelle for abducting her. Stating that she had mistaken Michelle for the one who is called “Katherine”.

The following morning as Luisa and Michelle sat on the school bus, the pair were too frightened to speak to one another. Both were very anxious that the aliens might someday return again.


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