S8P3: Episode XII

Episode XII: It’s My Life & I Will Do What I Want

Tabitha had reached a very happy place in her life. Things were going very well for her with her medical practice at the parish hospital. The resort was also doing quite well.

Many an evening after work at the hospital Tabitha would visit the resort to check up on things and maybe have a drink at the bar.

Occasionally her medical practice and her resort ownership would mix. Like the time there was a medical emergency in the casino. It seems that Linda Stoney had lost a lot of money playing the slot machines and started having convulsions.

Tabitha gave Linda a thorough examination and when finished she concluded that Linda needed to lose some weight and advised her to stay away from the slot machines.

Tabitha and Dr. Chad had been dating for a number years now since the doctor had broken off his engagement to Dorothy Clemens.

Dr. Chad was a frequent visitor at the plantation home and would often spend the night.

One evening after dinner, Dr. Chad playfully cornered Tabitha in the kitchen.

After a bit of flirting Dr. Chad dropped down to one knee and from his coat pocket he produced a jeweler’s box containing a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Breathlessly he asked Tabitha to marry him.

Whereupon Tabitha promptly told him no. Tabitha explained that she did not want her life becoming any more complicated that it already was.

She told Dr. Chad that she preferred that they remained friends with benefits.


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