S8P3: Episode XIII

Episode XIII: History of an Alternate Timeline – pt. 1

Though months had passed, Mihai continued to mourn the death of Katherine. Almost every minute of every hour he endured the sorrow of her passing.

In attempt to calm his troubled soul he spent much of his time practicing spell casting.

One evening as Luisa was coming hope late from school she found a small kitten on the sidewalk outside the house. The poor animal was caught out in the rain. Being a dog person, Luisa was not pleased to find a cat, but she could not leave it out. So she brought the animal inside the house and left it beside the front door.

Finding a small kitten playing on the mat by the front door, Mihai picked up the animal considering it to be some sort of a sign.

“I will name you Katie Kat!” he smiled as he held the small kitten.

For the past few days Mihai was rather upset that he could not find Katherine’s favorite book of poetry. Someone had either put the book on the wrong shelf or they had taken it. He had asked everyone in the house if they had seen it and no one had.

Mihai was desperate to find the book and he attempted to use magick to divine its whereabouts.

If Mihai had only turned around at that moment and looked out the library window he would have seen the one who had taken the book sitting out on the veranda enjoying a midnight snack.

Yet he continued to cast spells at the library book shelves until something strange happened. One of the books on the shelves suddenly popped out of its place and landed on the floor at Mihai’s feet. Unfortunately this was not the book that Mihai was looking for. At any rate he was curious about it. Looking at the cover of the book he saw that its title was The History of Twin Bayous.

Settling in a nearby chair he began to flip through the pages of the book. As if something was guiding him towards one particular page, he eventual came upon a photograph and a caption in the book that made him gasp and sent chills running up his spine.

On the page that Mihai read was a very old photograph of a couple in the late 19th century. The caption below the photograph read: Rachel LeFey was the second wife of Henri Dutranoit – his first wife having died during the cholera epidemic of 1868. This is a photograph of Henri & Rachel Dutranoit taken at Twin Bayous in 1871.


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