S8P3: Episode XIV

Episode XIV: History of an Alternate Timeline – pt. 2

Since Katherine’s death and Mike’s confession following her funeral, Mihai had not said a single word to his father. However his discovery of the photograph of his mother found in a mysterious history book now compelled him into breaking his silence.

When Mihai’s father saw the photograph and read the caption he knew straightaway the significance of his son’s finding. He recalled very clearly that years ago he had read in the very same book that Henri Dutranoit had died at age seventy in 1871 having gone mad after acquiring a rare blood disorder known as porphyria. Something had happened that caused the timeline to change and Mike suspected that he knew what that was.

Then when Mike turned the page of the book and saw the next photograph and its caption any previous held doubts that he had instantly vanished.

Mike leapt to his feet, clapped his hands and shouted: “I know where your mother is!”

Mike exclaimed: “Pack your bags! We are leaving for Egypt!”

He handed the open book to Mihai. Staring down at the photograph that was not there when he had read the book earlier, the young man recognized immediately why his father had chosen that specific destination.

The newly added photograph was of woman dressed in an oriental costume and standing before a ancient sarcophagus. The caption read: Following Henri’s mysterious death in 1874, the people of Twin Bayous accused Rachel of practicing witchcraft. Leaving Twin Bayous, she spent the next twenty or so years traveling extensively throughout the world until her disappearance in 1890’s. Below is the last known photograph of Rachel Dutranoit taken somewhere in Egypt in 1894.

Forty-eight hours later father and son arrived somewhere in Egypt.


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