S8P3: Episode XV

Episode XV: Where’s My Mummy? – pt. 1

When Mike and Mihail first arrived in Egypt they were staying at a base camp and sleeping in tents. They talked things over and figured that they needed better accommodations since they did not know how long they would be in Egypt.

So they rented a villa not too far from the central marketplace.

They spent the next couple of days doing research; trying to determine what would be the most likely tomb in which to look for Raquel.

After some deliberation they finally settled on a tomb known as the Pyramid of the Burning Sands.

They needed supplies for their journey. So while Mike was busy haggling over the price of supplies in one the markets…

…Mihail occupied his time practicing his spellcasting out in the town square.

After a day and half long trek through the desert they finally arrived at the Pyramid of the Burning Sands.

When they arrived they found the entrance to the pyramid, but Mike did have some difficulty trying to figure out how to open the door.

Eventually he discovered the secret and the massive door gave way with loud groan, spewing out sand and a cloud of ancient dust.

Within a few yards of the entrance they came into hall of the king at the end of where stood a large sarcophagus.

The pair examined the coffin, but it was not clear to them if they had found the one that they were looking for.

Since there did not appear to be signs of any other coffins they needed to take a look inside this one. Mike pried open the lid while Mihail hung back cautiously.

Opening the lid to the sarcophagus brought to life its occupant and out stepped a large and hideous looking mummy. The creature was so grotesque looking that Mike was forced to look away. “This thing doesn’t look like Raquel to me,” he muttered.

Upon hearing Mike’s comment the mummy stopped dead in his tracks and started to tremble: “Ra-khél! If you are looking for the one called Ra-khél, I will gladly tell you where she is, but you must promise me that you will take her with you and leave me in peace!”


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