S8P3: Episode XVI

Episode XVI: Where’s My Mummy? – pt. 2

Still trembling, the mummy explained to Mike and Mihail that he had the one called “Ra-khél” locked away in the basement of the pyramid. Nearly a century before she had used witchcraft to reanimate him and since that time his life had been a living hell. Handing them a crescent shaped key and pointing to the opposite end of the hallway, he told the explorers how they could unlock a hidden stairway leading to the basement by activating a switch in a hole in the wall. “Take her away from here and leave me in peace,” he told the pair.

Finding the hole in the wall, Mihai reached in and began blindly feeling around inside the hole trying to locate the switch that the mummy described. After a few moments he felt something, but it did not feel quite right. Something was crawling up his arm!

Pulling his hand out of the hole in the wall, Mihai was terrified to find that a nest of creepy crawlies were entangled around his wrist.

Shaking the bugs off his arm, Mihai made another attempt at locating the switch within the hole. This time he succeeded and when he pulled the switch the floor a few feet behind him gave way and in its place there was a stairway leading down to the next level of the tomb.

Descending the stairway the pair found a small room decorated with ancient funerary objects.

Along one wall stood statuary that must have been quite valuable.

Opposite the stairway was a large and locked door. While Mike looked around for something worth stealing, Mihai went straight to the door and unlocked it using the crescent shaped key the mummy had given them.

With Mike was still occupied in the ante-chamber, Mihail ventured inside the main chamber where he found another sarcophagus.

He attempted to decipher the inscriptions on the sarcophagus but it was all hieroglyphics to him.

Cautiously he peered inside the second sarcophagus.

A bright and almost blinding light came forth from the opened casket. Seeing the form of a mummified woman he knew in an instant that he had found what they come all the way to Egypt for. He called out to father to come and help him.

It took the pair another couple days to transport the sarcophagus of the one called “Ra-khél” back to the villa. In the process of moving the huge casket its outer shell of clay began to come off. When they removed the outer shell completely they discovered that the object was beautifully decorated. Totally exhausted after their long trek, they placed the sarcophagus in a spare room and then went off to sleep.


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