S8P3: Episode XVII

Episode XVII: Where’s My Mummy? – pt. 3

In the middle of the night the mummy of the one called “Ra-khél” came to life and exited her coffin. She wanted attention, so she started making awful sounds, like “Arrrrgh!” and “Rawr!”

Hearing the noises come from the spare room, Mike jumped out of bed and rushed into the room where they had placed the sarcophagus. “It’s alive! It’s alive!” he exclaimed.

Mike and the mummy attempted to communicate with each other, but the one called “Ra-khél” did not seem to understand Simlish and Mike was not sure what “Arrrrgh!” and “Rawr!” meant.

The noises woke up Mihai and he ran into to the room. For a few moments he stood before the mummy too amazed by its sight to say anything. Then he told his father: “We must transform her back to human now!”

His father’s response was not a positive one. “Oh my builder! How are we going to transform her back to human? I don’t know how to do that!” Mike cried.

“What do you mean you don’t know how to change her back? Don’t you have some kind of a potion to transform her?” Mihai pleaded.

Mike responded: “Arrrrgh! If I had such a potion, do you think that I would still be a werewolf?”

Mihai then decided to try some magick hoping that he might possess a previously unknown power that would transform the mummy back into his mommy. Unfortunately his magick did not work on the one called “Ra-khél” and appeared only to frighten the mummy.

Concerned that they were upsetting the mummy, Mihai timidly approached his mommy and gave her a little hug. “Whoa! Someone could sure use a little mouthwash,” he snickered.

Stepping in, Mike made a decision. He told the mummy that they were going to transport her back to Twin Bayous on very next boat back to the states. He asked her to please go back to her coffin and stay there for the duration.

The one called “Ra-khél” must have understand what Mike said to her, because she immediately turned and reentered her beautifully decorated sarcophagus.


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