S8P3: Episode XVIII

Episode XVIII: A Woman’s Touch

Mike had hidden a lot things from Ronnie, but there was no way that he was going to hide a mummy from her. So he made no attempt whatsoever to pretend that the mummy that he and Mihail had brought back from Egypt was anyone else other than Raquel LeFey. Ronnie introduced herself to the one called “Ra-khél” and to Mike’s amazement it appeared that his wife was actually able to communicate with the mummy.

Ronnie explained to the mummy that she knew of a way to transform her back to her previous state by creating a powerful potion called “Potent Cure Elixir”. Mike heard this and he interrupted: “Uhmm, wait a minute.

Mike did not want to start an argument with his wife; especially not in front of the mummy, but he went ahead and did so anyway: “What do you mean you’re going to create a ‘Potent Cure Elixir’? You don’t even know how to create a ‘Potent Personality Adjustor’. Remember, you kind of screwed that up and made me into a werewolf.”

Ronnie jumped right into the opening that her husband gave her: “You are such an idiot, Mike Dutranoit! I didn’t screw anything up. I turned you into a werewolf on purpose as punishment for being such an idiot! Do you think I am stupid and that don’t know all things that you have done?”

He was not certain what Ronnie knew and what Ronnie did not know. So, Mike figured that he had better not say another word. Although he had to add through gritted teeth: “We’ll talk about this later…”

They took the mummy down to the basement below the barn where Ronnie briefly chatted with the mummy and explained to her the procedure.

Ronnie spent a few minutes consulting the alchemy texts, while Mike stood in the corner sighing and breathing heavily; hoping not to have another one of his episodes.

Once she had the recipe committed to memory, she began to make up a batch of ‘Potent Cure Elixir’.

Within a matter of minutes the potion was ready and bottled.

Then turning to the mummy, she cast the potion down at the feet of the one called “Ra-khél”, smashing the bottle into little pieces.

In a flash the mummy was enveloped in a sickly green haze…

…and a moment later the one called “Ra-khél” was transformed back into Raquel LeFey.


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