S8P3: Episode XIX

Episode XIX: Oddly Out of Place

The first thing that Raquel did upon being transformed back into her previous self was to go and find her son, Mihai. He was sitting in the library wanting and hoping to find Katherine’s missing book of favorite poetry. Raquel sat down in a chair next to him and told her son that she was sure that he had many questions.

Mihai’s first question was to ask Raquel if she was truly his mother. Raquel responded: “Yes, I truly am your mother and on my side I am also your great-grandmother. It is complicated, but when Raquel of the 1920’s first traveled from the past to your time, she and your mother became one. That is to say that we are one and same. I have the memories and personalities of both women.”

Mihai was not sure that he understood what Raquel was telling him, but did understand that his mother was lost and that she had spent the many years trying to get back to some other place and time. He asked what he could do to help her get to wherever it was she trying to go.

Raquel told her son not to worry about her for now. She told him: “I have been a very selfish woman. I am now here in your time and my first and only priority for now is to help you.”

Mother and son hugged each other for the first time in years.

After Raquel spoke with Mihai, her sister came and found her. Tabitha asked Raquel to come outside with her so two could speak in private.

Without so much as a ‘Hello. How have been?’, Tabitha jumped right in and started telling her sister what a terrible person she was and asking how dare she come back after causing all the trouble that she did.

Raquel then lit into sister: “First of all not only am I your sister, I am also your grandmother and we won’t allow you to speak to us like that! Secondly… The trouble that I caused?!!? You were always the troublemaker, making magical mischief. The cute little blonde witch that all the boys adored. The selfish little brat. We looked out for you and you treated us like crap!”

“You slapped me once so hard that you broke my jaw. How would you like it if we slapped you right here and now?” Raquel shouted at her sister/granddaughter. Tabitha could see that she had seriously angered her sister (uh, grandmother) and decided that she had better back off.

Having been trapped as a mummy for nearly century, Raquel found that she was voraciously hungry. Mike suggested to her that they go out to Simburger on the east side of town. Mike picked the place because it was where he would have taken Raquel had they ever dated when in high school.

At first the pair did not talk much as they both gobbled down one Simburger double-double after another. Mike had the appetite of a wolf and Raquel was a mummy that had not eaten in a hundred years.

After her second burger and before starting on her third, Raquel paused to repeat once again what she said to Mike earlier: “I really want to help my son. I know that Mihai is suffering from a great loss over the death of Katherine. I can see it in his eyes. I know exactly what he is going through having lost Michael in that horrible automobile accident.”

“After we are finished here, could you take me to the cemetery? I would like to see where Katherine is buried,” she asked him.

They paired stayed at Simburger eating and talking until dawn. Then Mike drove Raquel over to the cemetery.

While they were standing at Katherine’s gravesite, Raquel noticed that the headstone was turned sideways and it looked oddly out of place.

She asked Mike if he knew why the headstone was placed the way it was. Mike actually had no memory of what he had done the previous Spooky Day while in his werewolf form, so he told her that he did not know, but that he would get someone fix it.


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