S8P3: Episode XX

Episode XX: The Best Laid Plans…

After school the following afternoon, Raquel found her son in the living room playing a video game. She told him that she made a very important discovery and that she wanted to tell him about it. Mihai response was: “In a second, Mom. I am almost about to reach level ten!”

Raquel sat down beside her son and told him that he had better put down the game controller and listen carefully to what she had to tell him.

Mihai obeyed his mother and turned his attention to her. “I have made a very important discovery,” she told him, “For decades now I have been attempting to learn and perfect a very complex spell known as the Reanimation Ritual and I think that today that I have finally perfected it. For myself, my plan is to return once again to the 1920’s and if I cannot get to the time before Michael died, I will use the spell on him instead. But before I go I want to offer it to you.”

Mihai was stunned: “Do you really think that you can bring Katherine back?” His mother’s response was: “Yes, I think that I can bring her back. Shall we go and try this tonight?”

As the sun was setting, mother and son arrived at the cemetery.

As they stood before Katherine’s grave. Mihai could barely bring himself to look upon it.

Raquel told her son to stand aside as she began chanting the first part of the Reanimation Ritual.

Upon the third invocation of the spell an eerie bluish glow began to emanate from the headstone and a figure began to rise from out of the ground.

Slowly and unsteadily the rising figure began to stand upright.

As soon as the eerie bluish glow began to dissipate it was very obvious that the figure that arose from the grave was not the departed Katherine.

Shocked and bewildered, Mihai ran over to his mother: “What have you done?!!? That isn’t my Katherine! That’s… that’s Ernest Gilliland!”

“Where is Katherine? What have you done with her?” Mihai cried.

Raquel attempted to calm her son: “I swear to you that I have done nothing wrong. I have reanimated whoever was buried here. As to where Katherine is, I promise you that we will find her and bring her back.”

“We must find her! We must find her!” Mihai sobbed. “Yes, dear, we will find her,” Raquel assured her son. Then she added: “It is all for the best right now, because in case you haven’t noticed, the man that I reanimated came back as a zombie.”

Hurriedly Raquel and Mihai left the cemetery to return home to ponder their next move, leaving poor Ernest Gilliland to wander about the graveyard in zombiefied state.

Returning to the plantation, Mihai went into the library to try and calm himself. There he made a haunting discovery. Sitting on the mantle above the fireplace was Katherine’s favorite book of poetry that had been missing for months. Sitting quietly in a chair, Mihai soon became immersed in reading from the long lost book.

As Mihai sat there reading from Katherine’s book a ghostly figure of a young woman suddenly appeared in the corner by the window.

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