S8P3: Episode XXI

Episode XXI: The Awakening

Mihai could not believe what was happening to him. Only a little while ago he had finally found Katherine’s favorite book of poetry that had been missing for months and now he glances up and sees the ghost of Katherine floating across the library floor towards the windows facing the rear veranda.

Mihai jumped up from the chair and in a flash the ghostly presence passed through a window as if it were moonlight passing through glass.

Mihai immediately ran out to the rear veranda and there at the picnic table he found the ghost of Katherine enjoying a midnight snack. In awe and speechless he could only stand and stare at her adoringly.

When the ghost finished her meal she nearly passed right through Mihai as she floated over to an outdoor basin and began washing her dishes.

Not able to stand anymore the eerie spectacle, Mihai ran over to the ghost and taking a deep breathe he embraced the specter of his departed lover.

A look of recognition suddenly appeared upon the face of the ghost: “Oh, Mihai! There you are! I have something important that I have been meaning to tell you. I have remembered where I hid the dusty old lamp. Will you tell your father for me that the dusty old lamp is hidden in the green vase by the fireplace in the library?” With the message conveyed the ghost of Katherine suddenly vanished.

Mihai went back inside the library and stood staring at the green vase beside the fireplace. He had seen it standing there all his life. Dusty Old Lamp? He recalled that after Katherine’s funeral his father mentioned something about a dusty old lamp. Whatever it was, it was important enough for Katherine’s ghost to tell him where it was.

Getting a hammer from the barn, Mihai returned to the library and smashed open the green vase. There it was, the dusty old lamp, just as Katherine’s ghost said it would be.

Mihai lifted the lamp and examined it. “Now what do I do with this?” he asked himself.

“It is indeed a dusty old lamp. Perhaps if I were to polish it up a bit,” he mused.

Giving the dusty old lamp a good rubbing with his coat sleeve the thing began to shake & tremble then emitting sparks and a vague violet cloud.

Shaken, Mihai dropped the lamp to floor and in an instance there stood before him a large blue genie. “Master, what is your wish from me?” intoned the genie. Mihai did not have a second thought for his answer: “I have only one wish and that is for my beloved Katherine to come back to me.”

“Your wish is my command!” the genie bellowed with sparks flying from his mouth.

Within an instance there was Katherine standing beside Mihai, complaining that she was rather hungry.

“Oh Katherine! Is it really you? Have you come back to me? Please tell me yes and that you will never leave me again.”

“Yes, Mihai I am back and no, darling, I will never leave you again” she murmured as she hugged and kissed him.


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