S8P3: Episode XXII

Episode XXII: The Witch & the Wardrobe

Katherine was very happy to be back among the living. She was especially happy that she and her lover Mihai were back together again. She was content to sit in the library reading from her favorite book of poetry as her Mihai had become occupied by matters involving his mother.

Since Katherine was back from the dead it did not matter how that happened. All that mattered was that she was back. Mihai now focused on finding a way to help to his mother get back to where ever it was she had been trying for many for years to go. He spent many hours, if not days, down in the basement beneath the barn studying from his father’s books of hidden knowledge searching for any little thing that would help his mother.

Then one night he found something… something cryptically hidden in a passage in one of the books that he had previously read the night before. Mihai reread the passage a second and then again a third time. Finally lifting his head from the book, he exclaimed: “THIS COULD WORK!”

What he needed to do called for a large wardrobe of a specific height and width. Going throughout the old plantation home from room to room he finally located the one wardrobe in the house that fit the required specifications.

Having memorized the incantations, Mihai now set to work and cast the spell that would help his mother.

This was not a simple spell to cast and it took every ounce of magical energy that Mihai had within him as he slowly and steadily built his way towards the final transformation of the simple wooden chiffereau…

…into a magical portal into another dimension.

It did work! Mihai immediately ran to find his mother to tell her what he had accomplished.

Raquel was extremely moved by what her son had told her that he had done for her.

Mother and son hugged once again. Raquel told Mihai that she was extremely proud of him and his abilities despite not having been there for him during his childhood years.

Raquel went into the room and examined the wardrobe. Being a witch herself she could easily discern the quality work that Mihai had done and recognized the effort that he had poured into it. She saw something that mere mortals could never see.

Stepping back from the wardrobe, Raquel was ecstatic: “Look out 1922 here I come!”

Raquel needed to do some preparation before she made any journey from the present to past. She went that afternoon to the Salon & Tattoo Parlor on the east side of town.

There she had the stylist give her the look that she wore back in the day when the prohibition was enforced and jazz was king.

Later that night Tabitha, Mihai, and Mike gathered around the wardrobe that Mihai had magickally converted to say goodbye to Raquel.

With tears in her eyes, Raquel turned away from her family. She opened the doors to the magickal wardrobe. A bright, bluish orb of light shown forth from the interior of the wardrobe. Then Raquel stepped inside.

Despite all that had happened over the years, both Mike and Tabitha were saddened to see Raquel leave again. Mihai was content in the knowledge that his mother was on her way to the destination that she had been missing these many years, but he felt deep inside a sense of sorrow knowing that the woman that he had only recently come to know as his mother had left once again for an unknown destination.


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