S8P3: Episode XXIII

Episode XXIII: The Least Little Thing

Tabitha started her day early because she wanted to go over to the resort and check up on how things were going there before going to work at the hospital later in that evening. On her way she stopped by the Moulin Rouge to grab a cup of coffee and some pastry as she did most every day.

Lisa Oldham was at the cash register and Tabitha idly chatted with her old friend as she ordered a small coffee and a brownie.

Tabitha sat down at the nearest table and was just about to take a bite of her brownie when she suddenly froze. A wave of intensity swept over her as she thought, “Wait a second! Something’s wrong with this picture!”

She jumped up from the table and ran over to Lisa.

“Lisa!” she said, “What happened to you? You’re not a vampire anymore?”

Lisa stared blankly for a moment at Tabitha and then responded: “Vampire? What are talking about, Tabitha? When was I ever a vampire?”

Lisa Oldham had always been a funny sort, so Tabitha decided rather than pursue the question of Lisa’s transformation, she headed across the Gulf bridge to the resort without having her coffee and brownie.

She had more pressing matters to attend to. She wanted to know from the resort manager why she had not been getting daily updates on the business. Yet when she spoke to the manager and began asking about the business, the man gave her a very disturbing response. He told Tabitha that he did not know what she was talking about and, in fact, he did not even know who she was.

To which Tabitha angrily responded: “What the hell do you mean you don’t know who I am? I am the owner this place!”

The man was taken aback by Tabitha’s outburst, he managed as best he could to maintain composure: “Madame, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Ernest Gilliland is the owner of the Bridgeview Resort and he was been for as long as I’ve been here.”

Tabitha was furious and threatened to fire the man. The man responded by telling Tabitha that if she did not leave now that he was going call the police. Hearing the word ‘police’, Tabitha thought of Anthony Goombah.“No! No, police!”, she told the man, “I going to call my friend and have him come down here and straighten this out.”

Tabitha made several attempts to get Mr. Goombah on the phone but all his phone numbers seemed to be out of service. She decided to not waste any more any time so she left the resort and went directly to Mr. Goombah ‘s house. He was at home and he invited her in. Tabitha noticed that Mr. Goombah was dressed in a rather strange costume, but she did not comment on it as there was a much more important matter at hand.

Tabitha was trying to be calm as she spoke to her silent business partner: “Mr. Goombah, something very strange is going on. I just now went to the resort and spoke to the manager. Not only does he claim to not know who I am, but he told me that a man named ‘Ernest Gilliland’ now owns the resort. Do you know anything about this?”

To which the oddly dressed man responded: “Miss LeFey, as you know I prefer to be addressed as Brother Anthony, and no, I don’t have any idea what you are talking about. What would I possibly have to do with a worldly place such as that gambling den across the bayou?”

Something very strange indeed was going on. Frustrated and very confused Tabitha left the Goombah house and went straight to Dr. Chad’s house. He invited her in and seating herself on the sofa next to Dr. Chad, she let out a heavy sigh: “What a horrible day I am having. I need to calm down or I will explode. Let’s you and I go out somewhere quiet and have a drink.”

“Uh… Tabitha, I can’t go out with you and don’t you think that it is a little inappropriate to be asking me out…”

“…in front of my wife, Dorothy?”

Tabitha could barely control her anger: “Your wife Dorothy? You’re married?!!? What the hell do you mean? Only a month ago you were begging me to marry you!”

The expression on Dr. Chad face was hard and stern when he told Tabitha: “I think that you had better leave now. You’re upsetting my wife.”

In another part town two old friends were meeting for the last time. Amanda had called Mike and asked him to meet her at Bridgeview Park. She had two very important things to tell him. First she want to thank him for doing whatever it was he did to help bring back Ernest Gilliland. Ernest and Amanda’s sister, Emily were now back together again and Emily was very happy.

The second thing that Amanda wanted to tell Mike was that she was leaving Twin Bayous. Many years of hard work had finally paid off. Amanda had been offered a major acting role in a movie and she was moving to Starlight Shores to start a new life. She wanted to say goodbye to Mike and let him know that she hoped that their long friendship would continue as a long distance one. Mike said that he was sad to see Amanda leave, but he wished her well in all her endeavors.

The two old friends kissed each other before they parted.

On bench nearby, close enough to see clearly what was happening, but not close enough to hear what was said, sat the town gossip Donna Clemens.


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