S8P3: Episode XXIV

Episode XXIV: That Was Not So Hard

The following afternoon the kids were back from school. Mihai and Katherine were out on the veranda having a snack.

Tabitha sat watching them from the library. She was dressed and ready to go to work, but she had decided to call in sick. Something terrible was happening and she was certain that she was the cause of it.

Mike and Ronnie were the kitchen and they were having a very loud argument. So loud that Tabitha could hear everything from where she sat in the library.

She could hear that Ronnie was crying.

When there was a brief lull of silence Tabitha assumed that Mike was having another one of his instability episodes.

Then she heard Ronnie yell out, “That’s it! I have made up mind! I am divorcing you! We are through!”

Tabitha heard Ronnie as she repeated her decision once more with emphasis, “I am calling my lawyer and I am filing for a divorce.” This was followed by the sound of Ronnie storming down the hallway and up the stairs. Then the sound of a bedroom door being slammed and locked.

Tabitha ventured out into the hallway and found Mike. “Ronnie thinks that I am having an affair with Amanda Anderson. She says that someone told her about it this morning. Do you have any idea whom that someone might have been?” Mike asked her.

Tabitha told Mike that she ‘might have’ said something… that she ‘might have’ repeated what Donna Clemens had told her that Donna ‘might have’ seen at Bridgeview Park the night before.

“What have you done? I have never knowingly cheated on Ronnie. My whole life has now been turned upside because of you!” Mike screamed at Tabitha.

Tabitha told Mike that she did not believe that he was having an affair, but thought that whatever had happened was another manifestation of the weird things that were happening all over the town of Twin Bayous, “Some very strange things are going on in this town right now and I think that my sister’s return to the past has somehow caused this!” Hearing what Tabitha had just said, the color of Mike’s face suddenly went from a livid red to a whiter shade of pale.

In the next room, totally oblivious to what was happening in rest of the house sat Katherine absorbed in her favorite book of poetry.


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