S8P3: Episode XXV

Episode XXV: The Takening

Mihai had heard all of the commotion going on in the house. The loud arguing between Mike and Ronnie upset him very much and so to escape he went up to the rooftop to ride his magical broom in the broom arena that his Aunt Tabitha had built for him.

Katherine sat reading from her favorite book of poetry. Immersed in her reading, she had completely blocked out all of the shouting and noise that was going on in the other parts of the house, but through an opened window there came a different sort of noise – a noise that she vaguely remembered hearing once before.

Curious about the strange noise that she was hearing, Katherine got up from the couch and went outside.

The noise that she was hearing was coming from somewhere high above the house. Katherine went out into the yard and looked up into the sky. She saw in the sky above her a huge spinning disc and she realized in a terrified instance that the aliens had returned.

Before she had a chance to move from where she stood, a bright glowing beam of energy descended upon her.

Try as she might to escape from the beam of energy, she was trapped and could not get out of it.

Once she was locked inside the beam, Katherine felt that she was being lifted off the ground. She was being pulled up and into an alien spacecraft.

There was no escape for Katherine; the aliens had come back and they were abducting her once again.

From the rooftop Mihai had witnessed what was happening and he ran as fast as he could down three flights of stairs and out of the house.

He stood in the very spot where Katherine was standing only moments before. Looking up in the sky he saw Katherine being pulled inside the spacecraft.

As the alien spacecraft vanished from sight the only thing that he could do was to cry out in anguish: “Katherine, come baaack!”


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