S8P3: Episode XXVI

Episode XXVI: Coming Apart at the Seams

Meanwhile inside the house, Tabitha had told Mike of all the strange things that she had witnessed the previous day. Mike was accepting that strange things were indeed happening all over town and he did agree with her that they must be the result of something that Raquel had done when she returned to the past. Yet Mike was still very angry that Tabitha had caused Ronnie to break up with him over the one thing that never happened. “I did not have an affair with that woman, Amanda Anderson,” he repeated once more.

Tabitha was through with the conversation and she started to walk away from Mike, but just as she turned to go, her nephew came running into the house screaming that the aliens had taken Katherine.

“We have got do something!” said Tabitha anxiously, “but what can we do?”

“I know what needs to be done,” Mike jumped in. “You need to go right away to the time portal and go into the future to find and rescue Katherine. The future must be where the aliens are taking her… back into the future!”

Tabitha started freaking out, “This can’t be happening! It’s too dangerous for Mihai to go through the portal!”

However, Mihail agreed with his father. Mike handed Mihai the key to the secure area behind the science lab that Katherine had given to Mike so many years before and told his son to go now.

Without another word of discussion, Mihai and Tabitha ran out of the house and the pair sped off for the science lab in Tabitha’s car.

After Mihai and Tabitha left, Mike ascended the stairs to the bedroom where stood the magical wardrobe. He opened its doors and standing there he anxiously wondered what it was that Raquel had done to change so drastically the present course of time.


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