S8P3: Episode XXVIII

Episode XXVIII: It All Started With the Strawberries

It was Thursday, August 28th, 1924…. a bright, beautiful, sunny, summer day. As she did every afternoon, Raquel ventured out of her house and onto the sidewalks of Roaring Heights.

Then she would turn and walk the block between her house and the movie theatre down the street.

At the bus stop she would wait for the bus that would take her over the bridge to the center of town.

As usual she would sit for a while on a bench in the central park and pretend that this was her intended destination.

Then she would continue her journey through the town occasionally stopping to pretend that she was a tourist out sightseeing.

Yet her ultimate destination was always the city cemetery.

It was always one particular spot in the cemetery that she would go to…

…the gravesite of her departed lover, Michael Dutranoit.

Here she would stand beside his grave and weep bitter tears of sadness.

Then as she did every day, she would produce her magical wand and began once more the reanimation ritual.

Each day she would repeat the incantations of the ritual and each day she would fail in her attempt to bring back her departed lover.

On this particular day, just as she was about to begin the invocation of the third part of the ritual, she heard a man’s voice say: “I am very fond of strawberry too… strawberry blondes, that is.”

Raquel stopped what she was doing and she peered at the man through watery eyes.

Then her face brightened in a wave of recognition: “Oh, Michael! It’s you! I just knew that you would come back!”

The man enfolded Raquel in his arms, telling her, “Yes you are right… I have come back… My name is Mike, but you may call me Michael.”

Reunited after all these years, the two lovers embraced and kissed passionately.


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