S8P3: Episode XXIX

Episode XXIX: It Holds What It Holds

Meanwhile somewhere the future, Katherine had pulled Mihai aside was excitedly explaining to him the situation: “Mihai, our descendant, Dominique, is insane! I’ve no time to explain now, but we have got to get out of here Our world… this entire universe we live in is quickly coming to an end and we need to leave now! Let’s get out of here and I will explain everything on the way….”

Mihai sensed Katherine’s urgency and the fear within the tone of her voice told him that they should leave quickly.

Quickly the pair descended the stairs and exited the house.

After they walked a safe distance away from Dominique LeFey’s house, Katherine began telling Mihai her story: “Many years ago, I was living here in the future and one night I was abducted by aliens and taken from this time to your time. I was never really certain if I knew why I was brought to your time. I grew up knowing that I was a descendent of Ronnie Ringwald and Ernest Gilliland. Also I had studied history (your present time) in school as it was documented in my time.”

“It was never clear to me what I was supposed to do. The alien beings that had taken me were nearly impossible to communicate with. What was I supposed to do? I assumed that my mission was to somehow prevent the break-up of Ronnie and Ernest, but I did not know how to do that. Was I supposed to get Mike Dutranoit to fall in love with me? I had no interest in doing that. What I was more interested in was finding out the truth. Yet the truth turned out to be very allusive.”

“What I did know was that I was on some sort of mission from the future and I did know that it somehow involved your father, but it wasn’t until you were born and there was talk about town of Mike being the father of Raquel’s child that I realized that something else was going on. I needed to learn the truth but was afraid to travel back into the future thinking that I would cease to exist. So the only way that I could find out the truth was by convincing someone else to go. The only logical choice was to ask your father to make the journey for me.”

“When the aliens abducted me again and I was reversed in time, I lost all knowledge of my past. I believe now that the aliens were attempting to alter my destiny. As for my death, did the aliens cause my death or was that a quirk of fate? If the aliens wanted me dead they would have tried to kill me again after you brought me back from the dead. Instead they abducted me a third time and they brought me here.” she said pointing to a place out into the wasteland.

“Unfortunately the space craft that they were carrying me in crashed landed here in the wasteland and everyone on board was killed except me.”

“Come on! Follow me! We must hurry!” Katherine said as she turned and ran towards the crashed spacecraft.

The pair ran as fast as they could across the vastness of the wasteland.

Off in the direction that they ran they saw the bright flash of a meteor as it came crashing down to the ground.

As they arrived at the crash site, Katherine stopped running and took a deep breath before she continued telling Mihai her story: “Just before the spacecraft crashed I did manage to learn something about the mission of the aliens. Inside the spacecraft there was a holographic image displayed on one of the walls and it was repeated in a loop. After watching it over and over again I realized what the message was. It was a message that our universe, what the aliens called ‘Universe-3’ was coming to end and that the aliens were trying to get us to another universe which they called ‘Universe-4’.”

“After the crash I managed to find our descendant Dominque LeFey and after telling him my story his only response was that whatever happens in essence just happens. He believes that end of our universe is final and that there is nothing on the other side. After listening to him for days now, I refuse to believe what he says and I believe that there is something after this. I believe that the answer is inside that spacecraft. You may want to stand back. I think that I have figured out how to get this door to open…”

Katherine opened her favorite book of poetry and began reading silently to herself.

Mihai too was silent as he stood and watched Katherine.

After a few minutes, the outer door of the crashed spacecraft sprang open.

Katherine turned to Mihai: “I believe that inside the spacecraft there is a portal that will lead us into an alternate universe. Shall we enter and learn what Universe-4 holds for us?”

Without saying a word, Mihai followed Katherine into the alien spacecraft and down a flight of stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs the pair did indeed find that there where was an open portal into another dimension… an alternate universe. For a moment they stood there in silence as they peered in awe through the portal into another world. Finally Mihai broke the silence: “So this is Universe-4?”

Katherine reacted negatively to what she saw: “Ughh! I don’t think that I like it. There are no toddlers and no swimming pools in Universe-4.”

Mihai’s response was a bit more positive: “What’s the big deal? So what if there’s no toddlers or swimming pools in Universe-4? We have a chance to escape from this apocalyptic hellscape and start a new life. I say that we go in.”



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