S8P4: Episode I

Episode I: A Whole New World

Previously on Story 8…
Katherine and Mihai were deep inside a crashed alien spacecraft and had decided to enter the portal that they faced… a portal into a strange and interesting world called Universe-4.

Part Four of Story 8 begins now…
After stepping through the mysterious portal that they found inside the alien spacecraft crashed in the wasteland, they step out and into a very different and yet much inviting landscape. Looking around at this new environment, Katherine was the first to say something: “Oh Mihai, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Universe-3 anymore.”

Of course, they had no idea where they were other than knowing that they were not where they were before. They decided to walk around and explore their new surroundings.

Everything looked so vibrant and beautiful especially when compared to the apocalyptic hellscape that they just escaped from.

Overcome with euphoria, Mihail stopped to gallantly kiss Katherine’s hand.

“Now I know we are not in Universe-3 anymore! I never seen you so happy before,” Katherine gushed. “Strange, but I suddenly feel a strange passion burning inside of me!” Mihail said in response.

Continuing on, they noticed that they could now hear the sound of a babbling brook.

Finding the brook, Katherine turned to Mihai and remarked at how fresh and clean the air smelled. “Yes, I am sure that there must be fresh fish in that brook!” said Mihai, who was feeling a bit hungry now.

Nearby Katherine found some frogs nesting in a hollow log. “Perfect bait!” she whispered.

Joining Mihai on the bank by the brook, Katherine and Mihai did what they most enjoyed doing – they fished with the hope of catching something good for their dinner.

Katherine caught a little green fish and start giggling almost uncontrollably.

Then she caught a bunch of weeds and made a joke about aliens.


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