S8P4: Episode II

Episode II: Beggars Can Be Choosers

After they had caught some fish, the pair decided that they were way too hungry to keep trying for something better and they went back into the park where Katherine lit a fire and started to prepare dinner for her and Mihai.

Mihai was very curious about this new world that they suddenly found themselves in. He went over to nearby trash can and starting rummaging its contents.

He did not learn much about this so-called Universe -4. Only observing that people sometimes throw out perfectly good stuff. He found an old cell phone and a hair dryer, which he jokingly gave to Katherine as welcoming gifts.

The meal that Katherine prepared was not too bad and considering that they were starving it was a quite a welcomed  and filling supper.

After they ate their meal, both Katherine and Mihail were worn out. They trekked throughout the area they found themselves in looking for a place where they could find some relaxation.

As they came back to the center of the park, Mihai was suddenly feeling very tired. He also rather depressed as he began to realize that here in Universe-4 he was without the magical powers that he possessed as a witch in Universe-3.

Finally they found a spot near the playground where they could lie down and sleep.


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