S8P4: Episode III

Episode III: Searching for Answers

The next morning Katherine and Mihail were feeling much better than they did the night before. They decided that they needed to learn more about this new world that they found themselves in and that there was no better place to do that than at a library.

So they traveled to the local library…

Where Katherine read from a book of poetry and Mihail stared at a children’s version of the History of Willow Creek (which is apparently the name of the town that they now found themselves in).

Katherine then went into another part of the library where she found a computer. She idly browsed the web looking for any clues that might tell her where they were.

After a few minutes on the web she found something that looked very promising.

She sat down with Mihail and explained to him that she had found a want-ad where a boarding house in this town was looking for a cook and bartender. She asked Mihai if were willing to take the job with her. Mihai responded that he would do anything now in exchange for a regular meal and a warm place to sleep.

Using the discarded cell phone that Mihai had found the previous the day, Katherine phoned the number given in the want-ad that she had found on the web. Getting an answer, she told the person on the other end of the line that she and her “husband” were looking for work and that she was calling to inquire about the positions. The woman who answered Katherine’s call instructed that she and Mihai should wait there at the library and that she would come shortly to meet them there.


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