S8P4: Episode IV

Episode IV: Why Does This Look So Familiar?

The pair stepped outside the library to wait for the woman that Katherine had phoned in response to the want-ad that she had found on the web. Both she and Mihai were feeling extremely tired.

In an hour or so, the woman who had posted the want-ad showed up at the library and after a while of searching for the couple she finally decided to look into the patio at the rear of the building.

There she found Mihail and Katherine asleep on a pair of benches.

Waking the pair, the woman established they were ones that she was looking for and she introduced herself as Julia Kidd, a professional chef and owner of a boarding house on the other side of town.

Julia explained to Katherine and Mihail what she was looking for… a cook and bartender to work at her boarding house – which she described as sort of a hotel for young hipsters such as her. They would have room and board. She added that they would need to wear ironic uniforms (costumes) and asked if they thought that one thing would be any problem. Both Mihail and Katherine responded positively to the woman’s offer.

Coming to an agreement on the terms of employment, Mihail and Katherine went with the woman to another part of town – to a three-story red brick building located in the Foundry Cove neighborhood of Willow Creek.

In boarding house lived Julia Kidd – an executive chef and owner of the boarding house.

Katherine and Mihail were introduced to the other tenants of the boarding house… a science geek named Arnold Poindexter, a pro-athlete by the name of Knut Stoney, Dr. Penny Casey, and a writer named Mark Clemens.

There was also a yet undiscovered musical artist by the name of Peggy Sue Lynne.

Katherine could not help thinking that she had met all of these people somewhere before, but as for now she was far too tired to think about anything other than sleeping in nice warm bed.


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