S8P4: Episode VI

Episode VI: Is This a Bad Timing?

Later that same evening, while Mihai was tending the bar in the lounge area…

Julia approached Katherine to compliment her on the evening meal. Then she made a rather odd request of Katherine, asking her go on stage and tell a few jokes.

Feeling rather silly, yet willing to oblige, Katherine went on stage and stepped up to the microphone. After a moment or so of ‘testing-testing’ the mic, she thought up a joke to tell… “What is the difference between a chef and a cook? Huh? Huh? A chef wears a silly hat and a cook wears an even sillier uniform!”

While a few people including Mihai, laughed at Katherine’s joke, Julia was not in least bit amused.

Julia jumped up from table and started in on accusing Katherine of making fun of her and undermining her authority.

Katherine attempted to brush it off: “Hah, joke, I joke, I kid, I kid…”

“Well, I am not joking! I want to have a word with you!” Julia responded with a cross look on her face.

Still smiling and thinking that woman must be playing, Katherine followed the woman off-stage and to the nearest table.

As soon as Katherine and Julia were seated, Julia raised a finger and proclaimed, “Young lady, you are fired!” Then she added: “You may stay here as long as your husband continues to be under my employ!” Katherine was stunned and speechless. “Is this woman out of her mind?” she thought to herself.

Standing a few feet away at the bar, Mihai echoed the very same question in his mind although he added an expletive to give it extra incredulity.


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