S8P4: Episode VII

Episode VII: I Am Out of Here!

Following Katherine’s firing by Julia, Mihai was even less happy with his job than he was when they started. Yet he needed to do the work otherwise they would have no place to live.

His duties expanded beyond only being a bartender dressed in a clownish outfit. He was a maintenance man,…

…a janitor,…

…and a garbage man.

One evening, Mihai decided that he had had enough for one day and decided to go for a walk outside.

The rear of the apartment building faced a canal and Mihai went for a jog alongside the canal…

…where he found an opening in the canal wall where he could fish. He caught a number of fine fish which he fried up for everyone’s supper that evening.

Everyone enjoyed the fish that Mihai had caught and the next day he decided to go down the street where there was a fishing spot shaded by large old tree.

This time out Mihai caught fewer fish than he had the day before and after while he grew tired of not catching much of anything.

He thought he’d rest a bit so he wandered over to the large old tree.

Mihai stood for a moment staring at the large old tree. It was unlike any tree that he had seen before. Thinking back to a time when he had his magical powers and could discern things that were magical he speculated that this might be a magical tree.

To test his theory that the large old tree might be magical, Mihai offered the tree a libation of water that he scooped from the canal into an old can that he found.

Then he spoke to the tree and intoned an incantation that he thought was appropriate to the occasion. He repeated these steps three times and when there appeared an opening on one side of the tree’s massive trunk Mihai was not the least bit amazed because his instinct had suggested that it would happen.

Mihai poked his head inside the opening in the tree’s trunk and when it appeared free of any creepy-crawlies, he boldly ventured into the tree’s interior.


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