S8P4: Episode XII

Episode XII: Standing at the Gates

The pair came upon the house at the end of the street and found it to be surrounded by a brick wall and locked gate.

Mihai tried pushing buttons on the buzzer box outside the gate, but no one answered.

Katherine tried speaking into the box hoping to get someone’s attention: “Hello, anyone there? We need some help out here!”

Shortly a man came outside the gate and he started to walk past without even acknowledging them. Katherine asked: “May we please go inside? There’s been an accident and we need some help”. To which the man replied: “Lady I don’t care what you do. I don’t work her any more. That crazy old woman just fired me.”

With the gate now opened, Mihai and Katherine went inside the grounds and on inside the house. There they met a well-dressed man who challenged them and told them that they must leave his house now.

Katherine apologized for the intrusion and she hurriedly explained to the man their situation – how her “husband” had just been frozen and they were looking for a place where they could get in from the cold and be warm.

The man who introduced himself as Peter Dobbs-Dawson, described himself as a man of charity and considered it to be a mean thing to turn away strangers who came to his door in need of help. He agreed to let the pair into his kitchen to have something to eat.

So, Katherine and Mihai went into the kitchen and found a freshly prepared meal sitting on the counter.

While Katherine ate a bowl of macaroni and cheese. Mihai had a warm meat-stuffed pastry.

To show her gratitude to Mr. Dobbs-Dawson for allowing them to have a meal, Katherine cleaned up the kitchen and even removed the bad food that she found in the refrigerator.

Taking out the trash, she suddenly had an idea…


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