S8P4: Episode XIII

Episode XIII: Let’s Make a Deal

While cleaning up the kitchen, Katherine had an idea. Finding Mr. Dobbs-Dawson standing on the patio at the rear of the house she went to him and presented him with a proposal.

She told the man that she knew that their butler has just been let go and offered that she and her “husband” could come to work for him. At first the man was hesitant, but then Katherine practically begged him and offered that the pair would work for the same rate that he had been paying the single man.

“Can you cook?”, the man asked her. “Oh yes sir, I am very good cook and my husband is quite good with repairs around the house,”  she replied; although she withheld to mention that Mihai would sometimes use his magical powers to unclog a toilet or repair the sink.

“I will warn you that my wife is very strict about the help and if either of you should misbehave in any way, you will both be let go without notice.” the man said. To which Katherine replied with assurances that he would not regret having hired them.

The man agreed to hire them both and said that he would pay them both what they deserved. He then told Katherine that the servant quarters where located in the basement beneath the garage.

That night the couple slept in a very warm and comfortable bed in the servant quarters at the Dobbs-Dawson manor.

They were very lucky to have found a warm place to stay because outside the weather had suddenly turned very nasty.


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