S8P4: Episode XIV

Episode XIV: Duty Calls

Early the next morning, the couple were ready to begin work. For their new job they dressed in more traditional uniforms than the ones that they were made to wear at their previous employment.

Katherine headed straight into the kitchen…

…where she began preparing the morning meal.

Mihai went into the living room and lit a fire in a very futuristic looking fireplace. For the first time since arriving in this strange new place, Mihai realized that he had no idea as to what year it was.

Soon the family of the house began to come down for their breakfast. Katherine and Mihai were introduced to the lady of the house, Missy Dobbs-Dawson. The woman, who appeared to be considerably older than her husband, briefly inspected the food that Katherine had prepared before stating that she was to be served in the dining room.

Mihai served the family in the dining room. There he met one of the couple’s sons, the youngest who was named Nicholas. The other boy, Paul, who was described by his bother as lazy, was still upstairs in bed.

While Katherine continued working in the kitchen and getting things in order…

…Mihai spent his time in the living room where he practiced making drinks at the bar.

Preparing a very nice dry martini, which he drank, Mihai thought to himself he could learn to enjoy this job.


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