S8P4: Episode XV

Episode XV: Wondering Where You Are

After a few days at her new job, Katherine began to realize how much she enjoyed cooking and cleaning.

The Dobbs-Dawson manor was a very nice house and she found that it required very little effort on her part to keep the place tidy.

It was still very cold out, so Katherine only went out when she went to tidy up the pool house.

There was still a heavy fog that shrouded the hilltop and each time she went out she wondered it there might be a town in the valley below.

Between serving meals, Mihai spent most of his time at the bar perfecting his mixology skills.

Though slightly cramped, the servant quarters were quite comfortable. Outside their bedroom was a small salon where they could sit and read or watch television.

One evening as they sat together after work, Katherine asked Mihai if he was happy or sad. Mihai glumly replied that he could not decide.

Then after a moment of quiet thought, he put his around Katherine and then said: “Yes, I suppose that am happy.”

“I am happy because you and I are together.”

“Very happy indeed!”



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