S8P4: Episode XVI

Episode XVI: I Know Exactly Where We Are

Peter Dawson-Dobbs seemed a bit eccentric to Katherine and Mihai. Despite the bitterly cold weather, he would go out every morning to dance around sprinklers in the garden.

One day around noon, he summoned Katherine and told her that he wanted her and Mihai to take a truck into the town and buy groceries and supplies for the household.

He told her that while they were in town that they were not to tell anyone where they lived or who they worked for. If asked, they were say that they were visitors from out of town.

Katherine immediately went and found Mihai. She was very excited about getting out of the house and being able to explore the new world that they now in.

Eagerly Mihai climbed inside the truck beside Katherine and they began their new adventure.

At the bottom of the hill they came upon a bridge going over a small creek. A light fog hung over the other side of the bridge.

Driving through the streets toward the center town, Mihai casually remarked to Katherine that one of the buildings that they passed look much like the high school that they had attended.

Katherine commented that the wharves on the bay looked familiar to her.

When they arrived at the grocery store in the center town, the pair stopped briefly to observe their surroundings. Mihai was suddenly overcome with an overwhelming notion…

“Oh my builder, I know exactly where are! We are back in Twin Bayous!” he exclaimed as he totally freaked out.


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