S8P4: Episode XVII

Episode XVII: Something Weird is Going on Here

While Katherine went into the store and made groceries for the household, Mihai walked around the town square to get a closer look at the town.

When she came out Mihai was there to meet her. He told that he was now certain that they were in fact back in Twin Bayous, but so far he had not seen anyone that he recognized.

He suggested to her that they go across the street to the movie theatre where they would less likely to be noticed by anyone.

At the theatre they watched a double feature both of which were old movies. When the presentation was finished they drove home through the darkened streets of the town.

When they returned back to the manor, Katherine went immediately to bed. Mihai, however, could not sleep as he needed some time to think of their situation.

So, he went into the kitchen and brewed a pot of coffee.

Smelling the aroma of the coffee that Mihai had prepared, Missy Dobbs-Dawson came downstairs and asked him to pour her a “cuppa”.

When he was finished with his coffee, Mihai started to excuse himself, but the lady asked him to stay as she wanted to have a word with him. She began by saying: “I noted that when we first met the other the day that you and your wife acted as if you both did not recognize me.” Awkwardly, Mihai confessed to the lady that he did not know what she was talking about.

“There is no need to be coy about. If you don’t recognize who I am just come right out and say it,” the woman responded. “I don’t mean to offend in any way, ma’am, but I don’t recognize who are.” Mihai said playing along with the lady.

“How refreshing!” she exclaimed, “So you never heard of Little Miss Churchie. What?  Did you just fall out of a tree somewhere?”

Suddenly Mihai realized that he did know the name “Little Miss Churchie”, as one of the movies that he had seen that evening featured a young girl, by that very name. Yet the remark about falling out of a tree caught Mihai off guard and he considered carefully what he would say next. Luckily, Mr. Dobbs-Dawson had now come into the kitchen and was asking that Mihai go to the bar and prepare him a nightcap.

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