S8P4: Episode XVIII

Episode XVIII: Same Old, Same Old

For the next few days, the couple kept to their duties at the Dobbs-Dawson manor.

Neither one of them saying a word about their discovery that were now back in Twin Bayous (or some facsimile thereof).

Although they kept busy at their work, both of them could not stop thinking of what it meant for them to be back in a place that they thought had been destroyed by a disruption in the space-time continuum.

While repairing a leaky faucet in one of the bathrooms, Mihai mused that the physics of the universe seemed to be well intact and unchanged.

On Thursday the couple were given the day off and they left the manor and headed into town once again.

Mr. Dobbs-Dawson suggested that they visit the local hospital and both get flu shots.

Katherine was eager to visit the place where she once worked, but also worried that she might see a familiar face and of having to explain her appearance.

After their visit to the hospital, Katherine suggested that they pay a visit to the town library and do a little a research – hoping to find answers to the many questions that they both had.


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