S8P4: Episode XIX

Episode XIX: The Truth is In Here

While on their day off, Mihai and Katherine went into town and they decided to visit the town library to see what they could learn about the “new version” of Twin Bayous that they found themselves to now be in.

Katherine could not help herself when she found a copy of her favorite book of poetry – she just had to sit and read from it. While Mihai managed to find a copy of The History of Twin Bayous and read it with keen intent on learning all that he could of the history of this Twin Bayous. This “copy” of The History of Twin Bayous was unusual in that it appeared to be quite old – it was bound in a distinctive brown leather cover and there was a odd looking key embedded in the front cover of the book. Yet even though the book appeared to be very old, the history that Mihai read in the book appeared to be fairly recent.

They spent more than three hours reading in the library. Mihai asked if he could check-out the book that he was reading, but was told that the book was not allowed to leave the reading room. Before they left the library grounds, Mihai went around to the side of the building where he found the gated passage that his father had once told him of. Finding the gate to be locked, the pair left the library to explore other parts of Twin Bayous.

Next door and behind the library was the cathedral, Mihai suggested to Katherine that they go there next.

Outside the doors to the cathedral, Mihai stopped suddenly, turned to face Katherine, and then he said to her: “Before my mother returned to the past she gave me a little gift and she asked that I give it you…”

Dropping down on one knee, Mihai produced a jeweler’s box and opened it to display the beautiful diamond engagement ring that his mother had given him. “Katherine, will you marry me?” he asked her.

Katherine was quite shocked and very much surprised. It took her few moments of admiring the beautiful ring before she finally answered…

“Yes! Of course, I will marry you!” she cooed as she hugged him tightly.

Going inside the cathedral Mihai and Katherine discussed their situation. For a while now they had been be telling people that they were husband and wife. They had no family nor friends (as far as they knew). So they concluded that the most logical thing do was for them to marry themselves.

Standing under the bridal arch the couple exchanged vows to one another.

Then they sealed their marriage with a kiss.


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