S8P4: Episode XX

Episode XX: What Mihail Learned in the Library

After Katherine and Mihai had their clandestine wedding in the cathedral, the couple walked down the street to the Sunrise Sports Bar to have a quiet celebration. Katherine sat at a table while Mihai ordered food and drinks at the bar. All the while she kept repeating over and over again her new name… Katherine LeFey.

Quietly they ate their gourmet hamburgers until Katherine could not stand anymore the suspense…

“Well, are you not going to tell me what you learned in reading that history book at the library?” she asked her husband.

Mihai responded: “Yes dear, of course I will tell you, but I was hoping to at least have a few bites before I started…”

After they both finished eating, Mihai proceeded to tell all to Katherine that he learned at the library. “The first thing that I learned is that the year in which we are, in relation to the place in which we are, is 2010 AS. That means that we are both approximately 27 years old.” To which Katherine replied: “Twenty-seven?!!? Could you least make me a little younger?”

“Okay, fine. I am twenty-seven and you’re twenty-two. Any way where we are now is in some sort of variation of Twin Bayous that I suppose was altered greatly by whatever it was that my mother did when she returned to the past. Also, I learned that our benefactor, Mr. Peter Dobbs-Dawson, has a very interesting past of his own…”


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