S8P4: Episode XXI

Episode XXI: The Little Miss Churchie Story – Pt. 1

Mihai tells Katherine what he has learned regarding their new found benefactor, Mr. Peter Dobbs-Dawson of “new” Twin Bayous…

“Once upon a time there was a notorious womanizer by the name of James Dobbs who made it his goal in life to shag every pretty woman in the town of Twin Bayous. He thought of himself as being the most interesting man in the world, but most folks in town considered him to be cad and bounder.”

“One of his conquests was a woman named Donna Gentille. Sound familiar? You do remember Donna Clemens, right? But in this place she is known as Donna Auhasard.”

“Then there was a woman named Julia Kidd… Sounds even more familiar given where we have just come from…”

“There were a number more… Even a young woman named Celia Ringwald…She later married a man named Napoleon Brumaire.”

“Then along came Missy Churchie (AKA Little Miss Churchie). Missy Churhie was born in 1938. She was a famous child actress in the 1940’s. Following in the footsteps of Shirley Temple, she sang and danced her way into the hearts of the public. She made numerous movies in the 1940’s and she had a TV show in the early 1950’s called the “The Dickie Duckie Club”. She was very famous through her childhood and teen years until she retired in the early 1960’s.”

“James Dobbs and Missy Churchie were married in 1960 in Lucky Palms. It was a really big deal amongst the Hollywood crowd. Annette Funicello was Missy’s maid of honor and Paul Anka was James’ best man.”

“Things were going well between James and Missy up until a former cast mate of Missy’s from “The Dickie Duckie Club” showed up in town from Starlight Shores around that time. The young woman’s name was Wendy Dawson.”

“Within weeks of her arrival, James Dobbs started having an affair with Wendy Dawson.”

“Eventually Wendy learned that she was pregnant with James Dobbs’ child.”

“She did manage to keep secret who the father was. Wendy was even congratulated by Missy Dobbs.”

“One night when Wendy was well into her pregnancy, she went into a telephone booth in the parking lot of Varg’s Tavaren here in town. She did so with the intent of calling her family back in Starlight Shores to inform them of her situation.”

“Shortly after entering the phone booth and placing her call to home…”

“…she found herself suddenly and inexplicably bathed in a bright violet coloured light.”

“Then even more strange she found that she had been transported to another phone booth located inside the Elixir Shoppe across the street from Varg’s tavern.”

“Wendy stepped out of the phone booth very much hoping that the incident that she had just been through should never happen to her again.”

“Three months after the incident in the phone booth, Wendy gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom she name Peter Dawson.”


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