S8P4: Episode XXIII

Episode XXIII: The Little Miss Churchie Story – Pt. 3

Wendy went back to work in the entertainment industry and Peter spent many afternoons waiting in green rooms and on sets for his mother to finish her work. He was very proud of his mother’s work and he became somewhat an arm-chair historian of the earlier period when his mother and others were starting out in show biz.

One day Peter heard that Missy Churchie was coming to Starlight Shores to promote a book that she had written about the years when she was a big box office star. He learned that she might be seen walking along the boardwalk in Santa Monica. So he went there and waited for her to show up.

Sure enough! Little Miss Churchie did show up on the pier in Santa Monica. Peter ran over to her and showed the woman a short video that he had made in tribute to her work in the motion picture industry. Although she said nothing in response, Missy Dobbs admitted later to her personal secretary that she was very moved by what she saw the young man had done in tribute to her work.

Later that evening at a SimBurgers on La Cienega Boulevard, Missy Dobbs spotted Peter Dawson in the crowd outside and asked him, half-jokingly, if was he was stalking her. Peter replied that he was not stalking her, but that he  did have a gift for her…

…then he turned and with his magic wand in hand he cast a love charm on Missy Dobbs.

The next day he showed up at the house in Laurel Hills where Missy was staying. Peter told her that he was very sorry to read about her divorce from James Dobbs.

Missy asked Peter: “Are you really sorry to hear about my divorce? You do realize I am like twenty-something years older than you, don’t you?”

Peter replied that he was not the least bit sorry and that despite their age difference he was very much in love with her.

It was not too long after their meeting in Starlight Shores that Missy and her son Warren relocated to Starlight Shores. Peter became a regular visitor at the Dobbs house under the pretense of being best friends with Missy’s and James’ son, Warren.

Within a year, Peter aged up to YA and Missy threw him a birthday party.

Wendy was not at all happy when Peter told her that he was moving in with Missy.

Shortly after Peter moved in with Missy, the couple were married in Lucky Palms.

Missy and Peter decided to move back to Twin Bayous. Eventually Wendy followed them there.

In the coming years, Missy gave birth to two boys. First came Paul and then Nicholas.

When Mihai finished his story, Katherine remarked: “It would seem that you learned everything there is to know about our benefactor, Mr. Peter Dobbs-Dawson, but what does it all mean?”

To which Mihai responded: “I really have no idea what any of it means, except that nowhere in any of my research did I come across the names Dutranoit or LeFey. Also, Mr. Dobbs-Dawson appears to be the only occult in existence. So far no others, including Vampires or Werewolves.”


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