S8P4: Episode XXIV

Episode XXIV: A Change in Plans

Katherine and Mihai stayed at the Sunrise Sports Bar until very late, drinking and talking about what Mihai had discovered that afternoon at the library. Mihai told Katherine that his plans were to snoop around some more to see what else he could find out.

Katherine was not sure what Mihai meant by that, but she very much hoped that he was not talking about doing anything illegal like black-mail.

The next morning they were back to work at the Dobbs-Dawson manor. Katherine worked in the kitchen…

…while Mihai spent most of the morning sitting at the kitchen island nursing a hangover.

In another part of the house, Peter was in his studio working on one of his paintings.

In the evening when Katherine and Mihai were headed down to their quarters, Peter stopped the pair and told them that he had something very important that wanted to ask that they do for him. He was sending his two sons off to college and he wanted Katherine and Mihai to escort them there and keep an eye on the two boys.

Both Katherine and Mihai were slightly stunned by Peter’s request. Mihai could not decide if this was a good thing or bad thing. He did want to stay in Twin Bayous to do some more research on the town and this would at least delay his plans.

Katherine instantly decided it was bad thing and her reaction was: “I don’t want to be a babysitter to a bunch of frat boys!”

“No, no, you’ve got it all wrong!” Peter insisted, “I’m not asking the two of you go to the university as servants! You would go there as students and I only ask the two of you to keep an eye on the boys and see that they stick to their studies.”

Katherine changed her attitude slightly towards the idea, but she was now feeling quite anxious about it. It had been a lifetime and a half since she had attended college. “Oh, I don’t think that I would do very well at a university.”

To which Peter replied: “That is nonsense! I am sure that you will do very well. You just need to have a more positive attitude about it.”

It seems that Peter was not going to take no for an answer and he sent to both them back into the house to fill out applications and to take an aptitude test.


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