S8P5: Episode I

Episode I: Fishing for Answers

Part Five of Story 8 begins now…

In the summer of 2025, Mihai and his teenage daughter, Brie, have gone out fishing in a row boat on the Simwahanee bayou. Yet Brie looked so sad and her father asked her why.

She replied “I miss those guys and I want them to come home. Did you do something to make Uncle Nicky mad? Momma thinks that you did.”

“Naaw, your mother just doesn’t understand how I and your Uncle Nicky get along” said Mihai.

“But I thought that we were all one family; that we were all friends,” said Brie.

“Well, honey, we are all friends. It’s just that your Uncle Nicky and I are more like ‘frenemies’.”

“What’s a frenemy?” asked Brie.
“Well, that means we are friends and rivals at the same time,” responded Mihai.

“I don’t get it,” answered Brie.

“Perhaps if I told you our story then you would understand,” he told her.

“Oh, I do love it when you tell me stories!” Brie responded enthusiastically.

So, Mihai proceeded to tell his daughter, Brie Le Fey, the story of why he considered Nicholas Dobbs-Dawson a “frenemy” and more so…


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