S8P5: Episode III

Episode III: Home for Snowflake Day

After the first term was over we all went back to Twin Bayous to celebrate Snowflake Day at the Dobbs-Dawson manor.

Your mother was eager to tell Mr. Dobbs-Dawson how much she appreciated him giving her the opportunity to go to college and he, in turn, thanked her for looking out for his sons.

On Snowflake Day the Dobbs-Dawson family held a huge gift-giving party and that was when we got the chance to first meet the members of Peter Dobbs-Dawson’s extended family.

Everyone had a good time. Your mother and I played games.

It snowed the entire time that we were back in Twin Bayous.

So your mother spent most of the time studying.

And we worked on our logic skills.

“Are you getting to the part about how you and Uncle Nicky became ‘frenemies’?” Brie asked anxiously.
“Yes, I am getting there. Please let me tell the story,” responded her father.


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