S8P5: Episode IV

Episode IV: A Pact with the Dobbs-Dawson

Mihai continues his story…
So anyway, after the Snowflake Day break we all returned back at University for the second term.

Your mother became very busy with her studies. She has that workaholic trait as you know.

As a result we had little time to spend together and it was mostly to study together.

Your Uncle Nicky and I had by now become good friends. The closer that we became, the more that I wanted to take him into my confidence and reveal to him certain things that I knew.

That chance came one night after we came back home from playing pool at the Bowl-a-Rama.

While we were playing we had a few beers. I take that back we had a lot of beer that night.

When we went back to the house we were both pretty drunk and that is when I began telling him the things that I knew.

I told him that I knew that both he and his father were witches. And I revealed to him that I too was witch.

I told him all about the Ancient Book of Hidden Wisdom and how I was certain that the book was hidden somewhere in Twin Bayous.

Then I told him: Dude! Our families should like totally combine and form a dynasty!

“Wait! What?” Brie interrupted her father, “‘Our families should like totally combine and form a dynasty.’ What in the world does that mean?”


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