S8P5: Episode V

Episode V: What did I just say?

“Uh, Dad? Your being quiet now…. I asked you, what did you mean when you told Uncle Nicky: ‘Dude! Our families should like totally combine and form a dynasty.'”

Mihai stammered and stuttered and then he answered: “We sort of made a pact that our children would marry and that they would form a dynasty… a witchancy, we called it.”

“Your children would marry!! But I am your only child. Just who am I supposed to marry? Alexander or Feodor?”

“Now, honey, wait! Don’t get upset over nothing. This is something that happened a long time ago. And please for Builder’s sake, don’t mention any of this to your mother. I actually had forgotten all about it until just now. Let me finish telling you my story and then you’ll understand why it doesn’t mean anything.”

To which Brie replied, “Okay, this had better be a good story. Oh and yeah, I will think about NOT telling mom while you’re telling it.”


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