S8P5: Episode VI

Episode VI: Please let me finish…

Mihai continue telling his daughter the story…

As I said, your Uncle Nicky and I had quite a bit to drink that night and I revealed to him all sorts of secrets. Once I let slip about the Ancient Book Hidden Wisdom and how it had become my mission to find it, this crazy idea popped into my beer-addled head about making a pact with him that we form a witchancy dynasty. I am not even sure what I meant by that…

…but your Uncle Nicky took it to mean that our children would marry and form a coven of witches that would take control of the world.

When your mother came home, he started to tell her what we had been talking about, but thankfully she interrupted him by offering to help him do a keg stand.

While Uncle Nicky passed out on the porch, your mother and I sat and watched the stars.

When Uncle Nicky suddenly woke up, I quickly suggested to your mother that we go inside and go to bed lest he start rambling on about what he and I had discussed.

As we were about to go in I overheard Nicholas on the phone telling your Auntie Betsy: “Hey, when I got home, I have somethin’ very important tha’ I went to tell you.”

None of us ever spoke of any of what happened that night again. Besides your mother was far too busy with her studies and did not have time to be concerned with two guys who were behaving badly.


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