S8P5: Episode VII

Episode VII: And your point is…

Brie was now getting a little impatient. “Dad, when are you going to get to the part about you and Uncle Nicky being “frenemies”?

“If you don’t want to hear my story then just say so,” he responded.

Deciding that she could not think of a better way to spend a lazy summer afternoon than listening to all this gossipy stuff, Brie said: “No, I’m sorry, please do go on. This is getting interesting.”

Okay, so anyway, as you know, your mother graduated with honours and she got her degree in medicine.

We returned back to Twin Bayous and as a bit of a charade for the purpose of impressing Missy Dobbs-Dawson we resumed our duties as servants in the house.

But that only lasted a day or two as Peter Dobbs-Dawson had other plans for us and his two boys.

He sent us all off to live at a property that he owned in the center of town, a building that he called the Old Creole Townhouse. I, of course, knew of the building, having lived in this town all my life. The idea was that all of us – your mother and I and Nicky and Paul were going to live there and go out and get regular jobs… No more spoiled brat life-style of Nicky and Paul…

As you know the townhouse was really nice and your mother was so happy because the house was right next door to the hospital.

“Yes,” Brie interjected, “I liked that house much better than the one we are staying in now. I loved the dining room…”

“…the living room…”

“…the kitchen…”

“…and the view that we had of the Gulf Bridge, especially on a rainy day…”

“…but when will you get to part about you and Uncle Nicky becoming ‘frenemies’?”


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