S8P5: Episode VIII

Episode VIII: We all get jobs

Mihai continues telling his daughter the story…

After we were settled into the Old Creole Townhouse across from Central Park, we each went out to look for work.

Your mother could not wait to go next door to the hospital and apply for a job.

She was hired on the spot as a level 4 Paramedic and went to work immediately.

Nicholas wanted very badly to become a full-time artist, but he continued to work as his mother’s personal assistant and had an office at the movie studio which he rarely went to. He spent most of his time at home drawing and painting.

Paul went across the park and found a job at the Little Corsican Bistro.

My first stop was the parish Sheriff’s office where I went to try and register as a private investigator. There they told me that I needed to speak with the Sheriff, Jose Viernes. They told me that he was at his farm on the other side of the bayou.

When I went out to see Sheriff Viernes, it might have been a bad time, because I learned that he was mourning the recent death of his wife.

He was however very keen on the idea of allowing me to register in the parish as a private investigator given the stipulation that he could call on me anytime as a paid consultant.

The Sheriff told me that his office gets a lot of calls to investigate strange occurrences and that his regular force does not have time to chase down all of the “crank calls”. He asked me if he could call on me to lead these investigations and that for doing that he would pay me a starting weekly stipend of $275.

I told the Sheriff that I would not let him down and thanked him for allowing me to register as a PI.

That night your mother and I went out and celebrated at the Aquarius Club, an exclusive club on Studio Parkway.



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